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 Brewer's Yeast Powder.

We believe that Brewers Yeast fed to your horse as a supplement every day really helps to improve their overall health, condition and general well-being. It is a must for horses who suffer from Sweet Itch and should also be given to pregnant or lactating mares. It can be used to help to calm nervous or lively horses or ponies and can also be fed before a stressful experience i.e. travelling or vets visit. For some really interesting information which we think will help to convince you that brewers yeast is a must. 
We really believe that for many Sweet Itch Sufferers Brewers Yeast is a real help. This is our second year using both Brewers Yeast and Itch Stop Salve and Molly our Cob is completely clear of any sores. She has a full mane and her tail is too heavy to pick up.

Unfortunately the Price of Premium Brewers Yeast from our supplier has gone up by 50%. This is due to a shortage of the raw material on the world market. There is inferior yeast available that is very bitter and unpalatable to many horses and we have decide to try and stick with this supplier.(This really is the best yeast you can buy even at this price.) We hope that you are not too upset by the apparently big and sudden price rise. Regards Mark

Below is some new feedback from customers

I asked the following question. What are your thoughts regarding the calming effect?
Yes, I actually put my broodmare on it too - though she doesn't need the calming influence it has helped with her weight, so much so in fact that I have just had to reduce her hard feed by 50%! They both love it and it has certainly had a calming effect on my gelding coming back into work from box rest and he his muscle tone has improved substantially since being fed it too.

These were received at the end of April..
This time last year the rubbing was well underway and Harriett was very uncomfortable, so far this year she doesn't seem to be rubbing at all.  We started feeding the BY mid-summer last year and have continued through the winter, I will not stop feeding it to her as I am sure it's definitely doing her some good.  I washed in the Itch-stop shampoo last week as well just as an extra and she's actually been without a rug for the last week which is a major breakthrough not to have the Boett on her yet!  We are very happy at the moment but as you say "Dare I speak too soon"!!

Caught Holly having a quick rub of her belly on the floor whilst rolling a few weeks ago, gave her a quick clean underneath and rubbed in some Itch Stop Summer Freedom have done this a few times. She also asked for her bum to be scratched a few weeks befor that but nothing since. Am still feeding BY,and up to now have full mane and tail and a happy horse. Can I possibly hope that we could be clear of sweetitch this year?

I started feeding my little 12.2hh pony Mojo the BY a month ago. I put 1 tablespoon in his feed. He didnít like the taste at first but I have since mixed with Suger Beet & he loves it!So far, he is still without his rug & I have applied the Itch-Stop cream only once on his mane. We have hogged his mane at the weekend & no sign of any sores!This time last year he was in his sweetitch hoody rug & quite unhappy. I am really pleased to have been recommended the BY & the Itch-stop cream

We have been using yeast for nearly two years as a supplement for our horses and we also give it to 6 underfed almost feral horses who live in fields down the road from us. There seems to be a difference in all of them. i.e. shiney coats, less rainscold, no mud fever... the ones down the road could get very lively when we arrived with buckets for them in the winter but they seemed much quieter and more laid back.(is that the brewers yeast?) I am beginning to think that it is a supplement that all horses would benefit from. The reason we started using it was to help our Cob Molly with her sweet itch. Now there is no sign of it. Although we are still using the Itch stop (just in case).  Molly has never needed a rug in the summer although we might have bought one if we hadn't discovered Itch Stop and now the Brewers Yeast

It comes in powder form and you feed 25 grams a day for every 450Kilograms body weight.
3 kilos costs £26.00 delivered or for every further 3 kilos it costs £17.50 (that works out at 20p a day if you buy 3k or 18p a day if you buy 6k) the postage remains the same upto 25kilos.
I am using Brewers Yeast for Sweet Itch. I have been using homeopathy (1M Sulphur) for the past year with good results (although needs backed up with Itch Stop and a rug). I find that nothing works on its own, so I thought of trying the Brewers Yeast. We're now nearly in May and I haven't had to up her Sulphur dosage to as much as last year yet, so am hoping I'm onto a good thing with the yeast and could then reduce the Sulphur amount. I am also trying the Yeast on another mare of mine. She was bought as a cruelty case 4 years ago, and much as she is no longer ribby, we are finding it impossible to get her dungs improved and get weight onto her hindquarters. We were worried it was becuase her intestines are badly wormed damaged and that she needs a bit more help to absorb fibre. On my Brewers Yeast searches, I found one company saying that it helped with Fibre digestion, so I thought I'd give it a go. (Gemma Murdoch Equine Dentist - Ballyclare N Ireland)

I've heard good reports of the rugs, but when we bought our 14.2 Connemara X with sweet itch, I had just read about the midge proofing research done by a respectable university which found eating Marmite reduces midge attacks. And a couple of days later I was talking to Chris Cook of Penzance, a serious horse trainer and Saddlechariot test driver, and he mentioned as a kid in Bermuda being forced to eat Brewers yeast to keep fleas away.

On a totally unscientific basis I decided the common factors were yeast and insect bites, and started feeding brewers yeast to Molly (not our Molly). She doesn't have sweet itch any more and did the whole summer unrugged. No proof, not a vet so can't recommend, but it might be worth a try. I get it from the health food shops as tablets. I tend to feed based on horses weight against adult human, ie pretty much guess work but my 14.2 connemara X gets 10 to 12 tablets a day. This works out at about 2 to 3 quid a month.

Simon (Saddle Chariot)


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