About Our Horses 

We are Mark and Jackie. We have four horses and a Labrador called Milly.

Maybe that should read: - We are four horses and a dog and we have two humans called Mark and Jackie.


This is Syrenian - ‘Sy’ Full Arabian gelding. He is eight years old and he has lived with us since he was one. He likes to be the leader who looks after his mares. But tends to do as he is told - some of the time, eventually? He lets himself out of the paddock and hangs around the garden or by our back door. He is cheeky and playful; loves attention and will try virtually any food or drink that you offer to him. He seems safe in the knowledge that we would never give him anything if it were bad for him.


This is Molly she is a coloured Irish Cob, she has lived with us for seven years too. She is now twelve and has been like Sy’s mum for most of his life. She is sensible, looks after herself, tries to look after Sy, never takes risks, and never eats anything unusual. She worries a lot, is a big softy but is as strong as an ox. She has Sweet Itch. If we keep applying Itch Stop this keeps it at bay. She hates flies and stands in the stable to keep away from them. She loses the others when they go off without her. She calls to them and goes looking, but comes back when the flies get too much.



This is Macy she has lived with us since Sept 2007. It says she is a trotter on her passport. We think she may have some Arab in her. She is six and is the mum of Gracie. Macy and Gracie came from a field of almost feral horses that live down the road from us. She used to be the lead mare in that field. She is a big softy most of the time but takes no prisoners. She loves ‘Sy’ and Molly keeps out of her way when she moves around confined spaces. Molly is the first to look for Macy when we come back from a ride.


This is Gracie she is nearly two. She is the daughter of Macy but looks like she should be Molly’s foal. She was born in the field down the road and we have known her since the day she was born. Macy bought her over to us as if to say “look what I have got. Can you look after her for a bit while I go and eat?” 

Gracie has always been very independent, wants to know about everything, can be cheeky and steals gloves, bags… out of your pocket and runs away from them when she gets them in her mouth.


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