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Name: Sarah J Email: 
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 16 Apr 2008 13:06:22 GMT

Comment: We tried all sorts of products (she hates having a rug on)to try and stop our Coloured mare from scratching her mane and the top of her tail. She would stand for hours sometimes until she was bleeding. Someone suggested Nettex Itch stop. We wash her in tea tree shampoo and apply Itch stop whenever it feels like she may need more, maybe twice a week. Since then she seems much happier and she has her mane back.

Name: Jo Burnard Email: tobybigpony@hotmail.com
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 3 Jun 2008 09:43:30 GMT

Comment: My beautiful Welsh Section D rubs terribly every where I can cope with the body itching but he rubs his face till bald and very sore and chews his legs until they bleed! He wears a sweetitch rug and mask and the field he lives in is electric fenced. At the moment because of his face I can't show him and through the winter he always does so well. I use benzyl, fly sprays and oils and wash him all over once a week - face daily at the moment!

Name: Mark Allen Email: sales@blakemoresupplies.co.uk
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Country: Wales  IP Address:    Date: 3 Jun 2008 16:30 GMT


Hi Jo I got your message asking for Sweet Itch Help. Have you tried Itch stop salve. It works and really does stop the itching. Here is a post I found elsewhere that I haven't tried but I think that it might work. You could do this as a longer term measure. I will start to supply brewers yeast but you can buy it from healthfood shops in tablet form

I've heard good reports of the rugs, but when we bought our 14.2 Connemara X  with sweet itch, I had just read about the midge proofing research done by a respectable university which found eating Marmite reduces midge attacks. And a couple of days later I was talking to Chris Cook of Penzance, a serious horse trainer and Saddlechariot test driver, and he mentioned as a kid in Bermuda being forced to eat Brewers yeast to keep fleas away.

On a totally unscientific basis I decided the common factors were yeast and insect bites, and started feeding brewers yeast to Molly. She doesn't have sweet itch any more and did the whole summer unrugged. No proof, not a vet so can't recommend, but it might be worth a try. I get it from the health food shops as tablets. I tend to feed based on horses weight against adult human, ie pretty much guess work but my 14.2 connemara X gets 10 to 12 tablets a day. This works out at about 2 to 3 quid a month.

Simon (Saddle Chariot) http://naturaldriving.co.uk/content_home.php





Just wanted you to know that the Itch Salve( sorry, can't think of it's full title) has made a massive difference to the donkeys. I have only seen one of them swish their tail once since I applied it for the first time last week.

The elderly donkey who is mainly white with pink skin has many bald patches on his face but there are very few new bites. Hopefully his hair/fur/whatever you call it will grow again soon.

I pay for the product out of my own pocket for many reasons and although I find it a tad expensive it really is fabulous and has taken away so much worry I had about the summer ahead and how these old boys were going to cope.

I think a shampoo made with the same/similar formula would be brilliant. A product that would compliment the salve. Until you come up with that I shall buy whatever has the Nettex name on it.

I will tell you another amazing product..Scavon Vet Spray, made be the Himalaya Drug Company in Bangalore...It is not available in Europe and when i contacted the company they said they couldn't sell it to me..maybe a DEFRA thing.
But like your product it has miracle qualities....I used it on a wound that had not been healing on a very sick dog(in India) and you could actually see it work from the first spray, it just closed the wound up and within a day or two there was not a problem.



Name: Rosemary Champion Email: rosemary@accidentalsmallholder.net
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Country: SCOTLAND  IP Address:  Date: 20 Jul 2009 20:06:43 GMT

Comment: My Highland has had sweetitch for seven years. I despaired of finding something that worked - I tried immunotherapy, every cream (I thought). He's in a rug but removes his fly mask. His face was a mess. I started using Nettex Itch Stop last week and I truly can't believe the difference. He's now not wearig a fly mask and his face is clean, scab free and the hair is already growing back. I've started rubbing it into his mane and tail - maybe soon, I'll be able to leave his rug off! It's brilliant.

Name: edwina Email: edwinasatur@hotmail.com
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Country: UK  Date: 28 Apr 2010 20:40:05 GMT

Comment: I have been using itch stop salve for three years now and it is the best thing to heal my cob when he has had a go at his face. He is in a rug and is behind elctric fencing but has been seen to get his back legs into interesting positions to scratch. After reading about brewers yeast I think I might give it a try and see if we can reduce his scratching.

Name: Katie J Email: 
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Country: UK, ESSEX  Date: 29 Jun 2010 15:53:04 GMT

Comment: I just wanted to say what a fantastic product the itch stop is! My warmblood was recovering from an op and his immune system was so low he suffered from sweet itch this year, and he tore his face to pieces. I was devastated and everyone said that it wouldn't grow back until the end of the summer. After 3 applications of the itch stop his hair was growing back - now 3 weeks later its all back and he hasn't itched himself once. I would also recommend the brewers yeast - my boy loves the stuff and his coat is SO shinny, plus stops the itching, so bonus!!

Name: Pat Email: patboden@hotmail.com
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Country: UK  Date: 22 Jul 2010 09:57:50 GMT

Comment: Interesting about the horse with the lowered immunity as my vet said that this is why horses get sweetitch. Our ID/TB wears a Boett rug and still itches, itch stop helps and now trying Brewers Yeast. 3yr old home bred connemara also suffers as did the 2 others (unrelated) that we bred is it where we live, there is a stream, or do affected animals pass it on somehow? We did not have a problem in the 11 yrs we lived here before the ID/TB arrived. Any ideas welcome

Name: christine Email: chrissy.61@live.co.uk
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Country: ESSEX  Date: 23 Sep 2011 16:38:23 GMT

Comment: i just had to say thank you nettex, after years of trying to help my cob i have discovered itch stop cream, nothing short of a miracle, thank you..

Name: Bev Henderson Email: hendersonbev10@yahoo.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 23 May 2012 20:35:44 GMT

Comment: I have been using Itch Stop on my pony w this will be the third season. I can honestly say this is the only thing that has ever worked. I have had the pony for 26 years and believe me I have tried every vet in the area and every potion I could get my hands on, nothing ever worked. He scratched until he bled even with a rug on he would find an itchy spot and scratch. I apply the itch top every other day and it has changed his life, no sores,no looking uncomfortable he even has a mane and tail.

Name: Louise Email: l.jordan3@btinternet.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 6 Jun 2012 15:01:12 GMT

Comment: We have found the complete salve unbeatable for our cob mare when she is itchy & sore and the flies/midges are driving her potty. Wew also found it is fantatsic to put on our cat who has dermatitus, it stoped the itch, scratch cycle allowing her hair to grow back and is now completley free of her condition and had been for a whole year! xxxx

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