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I am using Brewers Yeast for Sweet Itch. I have been using homeopathy (1M Sulphur) for the past year with good results (although needs backed up with Itch Stop and a rug). I find that nothing works on its own, so I thought of trying the Brewers Yeast. We're now nearly in May and I haven't had to up her Sulphur dosage to as much as last year yet, so am hoping I'm onto a good thing with the yeast and could then reduce the Sulphur amount. I am also trying the Yeast on another mare of mine. She was bought as a cruelty case 4 years ago, and much as she is no longer ribby, we are finding it impossible to get her dungs improved and get weight onto her hindquarters. We were worried it was becuase her intestines are badly wormed damaged and that she needs a bit more help to absorb fibre. On my Brewers Yeast searches, I found one company saying that it helped with Fibre digestion, so I thought I'd give it a go. (Gemma Murdoch Equine Dentist - Ballyclare N Ireland)

(I Asked) Does your horse have Sweet Itch or are you trying Itch Stop for another reason?
My horse is  itchy, but doesn't rub his mane a tail out - his itchy spots could be anywhere. Sometimes he might rub a hole in his bum, others it might be his face, at the moment it seems to be just behind his ears! As long as I can stop him rubbing skin off under where his tack goes, we get on fine. I use "Stop it all" shampoo, which seems to soothe his skin. He doesn't like flies particularly, but he rubs summer and winter, so it doesn't seem to be definitely insect related. I thought about food allergies, but he had rubs under his brow band when I bought him (he is worth it - he's a real sweetie), so it is not specifically the feed that I give him. It would just be nice for him to feel sufficiently comfortable not to have to rub. His previous owner thinks it is stress related, and she has a point to a certain extent, because when I took him to RC camp, he rubbed a big hole in his face! I don't really like fly rugs, because I think that they need to just be horses when they are in the field, and they are rugged up enough all winter.

Just a short note to thank you for the Nettex Itch Stop I bought. I was impressed that you had the products ready to post out that day. Within a couple of days of using the Itch Stop lotion I'd noticed my mare was clearly scratching less than before and the sores on her tail base have healed now that she's not constantly rubbing them. Thanks again for your speedy and helpful service and I'll be sure to come back and buy from you in the future.        Regards, Kirsten

It arrived today :)  Thank you so much for the excellent service :)

Superb service and very fast delivery. Thank you

Hi Mark and Jackie. You're right about the availability of Nettex products, my local stockist hadn't even heard of them. Your standard of customer service appear to be extremely good with excellent communication which is always the hallmark of professionals. I did find your website a little forbidding when I used it. Perhaps some pictures of you two smiling and waving at the camera would help just so people know who you are? It all seems a bit anonymous. I was instantly relieved by your immediate communication as regards the order and impressed when it turned up quickly (Sat) for which I thank you, as does my horse. Other than that I will buy more from you in the future without question and wish you the best of British with your endeavour.

We are working on Pictures and here are videos of us on You Tube 

I get a fantastic service from Mark and Jackie - they always provide a great service with great products, great prices and very efficient delivery. Thank you ;o)

Ordered Itch stop and brewers yeast on the Tuesday evening and arrived 1st thing on Thursday. Great service thanks! Used the Itch Stop before but not the brewers yeast so fingers crossed!

I started using brewers yeast last year to try to steady my mares emotional tummy. Any whiff of a change in grass quality, diet or the sight of a trailer/box would start a stream of cow pats.  I started using a local suppliers brand but found that it was way too expensive to feed in the quantity I needed to effect a change in her digestive system  not least because I have to feed all my ponies kept with her yeast too as if only one is fed with it the others eat the yeasty poo!They love it and will eat it out of a bucket on it's own if you leave one lying about.

I was worried about the strength of your yeast at first as it was much more yeasty if that makes sense than the other brand but after the usual slow introduction of the change they were eating the full scoop with great results.  She still has an emotional reaction so the runny tum still comes with traveling or other stress but everyday poo picking is a lot easier.

I have two sweet itch sufferers who get their ration of yeast too and despite the midges being horrendous this year we have slightly more mane than we usually have but I also have new rugs so I can't hand on heart say it is all due to yeast.

I'm very glad that you sell your yeast in sensible quantities as I get through a lot and like to buy my suppliments in bulk to keep the cost of neurotic horse care down!

Thank you for your easy to use site and great customer care.

Been using Nettex Itch Stop for 2 or 3 years. Have used almost everything else on the market prior to using it. nothing really kept it under control. I do not use fly rugs. use a NAF fly spray but only in the mornings. I had to have my big cob put down in March for health reasons. he was the one with really bad sweetitch and it controlled his really well. I only used Nettex as he hated fly spray. he had a mane for the first time in years! I now just use it on my shetland , whom I rescued and had severe untreated sweetitch and so far he has no signs of a problem. I started it early March which I think is the key. I put it on once a week.   Hope that is of interest. Liz

The first one is Jackie feeding Syrenian our Arabian gelding a grape.

The second one is Mark giving Sy a drink of Marmite from a mug. (you either love it or hate it) Sy loves it - Molly hates it.

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